Lord of the Flies

I remember being blown away by Lord of the Flies as a teenager.  The characters were so real to me.  On starting the book, I looked forward to meeting them again.  But I was disappointed. All the atrocities that happen on the island are so memorable that they fail to have any impact. And I found I didn’t fall in love with the characters the way I expected to. The Ralph, Simon, Piggy, and Sam-n-Eric from my memory were far more appealing characters than the ones I found in the book. And I didn’t find Jack and Robert, who become awe-inspiringly evil, so awe-inspiring this time around.  Perhaps it’s because, as an adult, I see them more as just kids.  I wonder if kids reading Harry Potter see Malfoy as pure evil and don’t appreciate his inner struggle or recognize that he’s a victim of circumstances.  Unlike Malfoy though, Jack and Robert aren’t born into the “dark side,” they choose it, which is supposed to show how readily good children (and people) can become evil. But, perhaps because I have a long-standing hatred for Jack and Robert, I wasn’t surprised and I didn’t care when they became evil. When I finished the book, I was glad to be done.  It wasn’t difficult to get through, but I could have put it down at anytime. I sort of wish I hadn’t reread it, so that I could hold on to my old memory of the book.

Lord of the Flies Movies

I remembered the old Lord of the Flies movie as being terrific too, but is an even bigger disappointment than the book. The characters are unbelievable and the acting is pretty poor.  Apparently, the newer one is even worse.

My Ratings

  • Readability: 
  • Memorability: 5-stars
  • Chances of Reading Again: 

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