The Color Purple

Our whole family saw the musical The Color Purple at the Red House in December. In short, it was the best play I have seen in Syracuse – better even than any play I’ve seen at Syracuse Stage. Joan Anderson, the woman who played Celie (the Whoopee Goldberg part from the movie) drew you into the story like no actor I’ve seen before. She was able to show fear, sorrow, dejection, rejection, guilt, and joy with her whole body and switch between emotions subtly and convincingly. Seeing her in a small setting like the Red House was incredible. The supporting cast, especially the women and the actor who played Mister were also terrific.

Seeing the musical inspired me to read the book, which is also amazing. It’s hard to believe that it’s not on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels published since 1900. The book covered Celie’s sister Nettie’s time as a missionary in Africa in detail, which lets you get to know Nettie better but also gives you a feel for how missionary women, especially African American women, were treated in Africa.

It’s an all-around awesome book and a quick read.

My Ratings

  • Readability: 5-stars
    Memorability: 5-stars
    Chances of Reading Again: 5-stars 

    I haven’t watched the movie again yet mostly because I worry it’d be too much for the younger kids, but I look forward to seeing how it compares to the book and the musical.


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